Department of Human Resources

The department of Human resources is responsible for venue reservation (both internal and external activities/events), taking meeting minutes, and coordinating committees' personnel change. The department also manages funds of AUCSS, records expenditures for each event, and reviews the financial situation.

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Department of Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is the department that manages the AUCSS's website and mini-programs, and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the AUCSS existing mini-programs and websites. Mainly responsible for updating and iterating on the existing AUCSS+ WeChat applet, as well as fixing bugs in the applet.

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Department of Public Relation

As the face of the association, the Public Relation Department is responsible for liaising with external organisations, departments and societies. It also raises funds for the activities of the AUCSS, seeks opportunities for cooperation, and strives for a wide range of development prospects and cooperation guidelines to maximise the "benefits" for members and activities. To maintain good communication with other departments internally and provide good and timely support for the smooth running of the work of other departments.

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Department of Operation Support

The Operations Support Department is the logistical team for each event, and is an essential part of the preparation and execution of the event, and can be considered the hero behind every event. The main responsibilities include: purchasing the necessary items for the event (props, tools, food), managing and updating the Student Union's inventory, and following up and implementing the event planning.

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Department of Marketing

The Marketing Department is the forerunner of the Students' Union and is responsible for branding the activities to be held and working with other departments to complete the various stages of publicity for the various activities. The Marketing Department is also the public relations department of the Students' Union, and is an important window for the Union's external communication and influence, as well as the "mouthpiece" of the Union. It is mainly responsible for writing copy for the public website, making posters and tweets, and maintaining and updating the official website.

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Department of Event Planning

The Event Planning Department is responsible for planning activities and details of major events throughout the semester. The department comes into its own when the association has to organise large group events, given the limited functions of the other departments. From the initial planning of the event to the implementation of the details at the end, it is the responsibility of the Event Planning Department. Details make the difference, and the Event Planning Department is one of the essential parts of the organisation and the division of labour for each event.

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